Our current Obsession… “Al-Rumman Collective”


Our Current Obsession is “Al-Rumman Collective” by Rula Attallah. It is a social enterprise celebrating artisanship by creating and curating handcrafted items locally and worldwide.

The minute you walk into the magnificently renovated villa in the old Jabal Amman neighborhood you feel inspired and instantly transported into a creative ambiance that blends vintage with the contemporary. 

Apart from the tasteful curated variety of items ranging from jewelry to dresses to furniture and home accessories, the space itself is a haven for creatives who want to get inspired whether writing, journaling, relaxing or simply having an impeccable cup of coffee in an impeccable setting. 

The architecture and landscape of the place, the original mosaic and ceramic tiles, the new authentic plaster on the walls, the steel and glass doors, the old pomegranate and lemon trees meshing with the new greenery and bougainvillea, are all shades to this beautiful canvas.

Rula Attallah always adds a touch of grace and creativity to whatever she does. She is an artist, ceramist and creative with many social empowerment initiatives that touch the hearts of many, she is a true inspiration.

For more about Rumman Collective, visit their website www.rummancollective.com or their instagram account @rummancollective .