• Hawas | noun: /‘håwås’/: Arabic هوس, an excited state of devotion, an obsession or passion.

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It's Two Fold

Our story is two fold. We aim to hone and elevate the budding Middle Eastern collectors by exposing them to new "hawas” i.e, art forms, designs and creatives; broadening their perspective while simultaneously encouraging emerging creatives, to expose their ideas, expand their horizons and adapt their business acumen to a modern marketplace and an informed and fearless next generation.

It's a win-win.

We believe in the transformative effect of the arts and design; the inspiration and the empowerment of being surrounded with beauty at its purest form. Afterall, what is art but a translation of the meaning of life.

Art Hawas has expanded my horizons and gave me a platform to showcase my artwork without fear of losing my independence, and a space to exchange ideas and collaborate with other creatives and artisans, while simultaneously interacting with art aficionados and collectors with no inhibitions.

Nina, Artist


I feel I am completely independent, fearless and continuously connected to my customer base.

Zein, Designer

‘Art Hawas’ curated a complete collection of artwork and sculptural furniture pieces for our office and consulted us on our current art collection with bullet speed. Their service was impeccable. Kudos.

M. Ali, Art Collector

"Life Changing"

Our team of creatives and consultants crave art and design. We take “our hawas” seriously and think of it as an essential part of lifestyle.

We believe in expanding the horizons of creatives and collectors in general and nourishing the art scene and its ecosystem in the Middle East and globally and giving back to our community. This symbiotic experience has been exhilarating.

Aya, Art Hawas Website Developer

Reach Out

Are you looking to get advice on your art collection or design layout in your home or office? We advise, curate, and assess. Are you a creative looking to be featured?

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